Why join?

Why should you join?

There are many compelling reasons to join today. Check out the benefits below or find out how it’s helped our many satisfied customers.

Our menus are well considered, purposefully created to make life easier (and healthier) for you.


6 more reasons to join Efficiently Nutritious

Wasting is a waste

Wasting is a waste

The menus have been created to ensure that you’ll buy only what you need and use all of what you’ve got. No wasted food, no wasted money and no wasted time.



Every weekly menu includes a deliberate mix of budget–friendly and fancy foods to keep you satisfied without exceeding your spend allocation.

Save<br> time


If you spend 2hrs on meal prep one day per week, you’ll save up to 8–hours+ during the week in the kitchen. You’ll also be streamlining your shopping and planning time.

Less<br> stress


Imagine always having an answer to the dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” You won’t have to worry about whether your meals are delicious, affordable, family friendly and of course, nutritious!

Better<br> nutrition


Our menus are written by nutritionists... with kids! We have battled our way with fussy eaters and struggled to find the line between ‘just eat something’ and ‘nothing but goodness’. We have tried and tested hundreds of recipes and we’ve included the ones that get two thumbs up.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Our research suggests that weekend meals are typically when people come unstuck when following meal plans. So, we’ve removed the restrictions allowing freedom of choice for those two days per week.

Whilst we don’t currently offer breakfast and lunch menus, we are flexible so contact us if you would like to discuss.


A word from our satisfied customers

Sam, Family of 4

“It was great. I love the healthiness and no wastage!! Loved that the planning is all done for us.”

Sam, Family of 4


“I am finding it such a help to have you prepare my meal plan and shopping list for the week. I’ve also found my groceries are about $50-$80 cheaper each week, but I don’t feel like we are going without anything.”


Tara, Mother of 4

“Already had savings on the grocery shop and a better day knowing dinner was ready.”

Tara, Mother of 4

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