Frequently asked questions

See some of the more commonly asked questions below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

EN is the supportive and nurturing best friend you’ve always wanted!

Every Thursday morning, you’ll wake up to a menu, shopping list and preparation plan for your snacks and dinners for 5 days in a row. These days may fall on different days of the week for everyone, so they are labelled Day 1, Day 2 instead of Monday, Tuesday, etc.

The menu is a snapshot of your food for the 5 days. It also includes the simple steps required during the 10 minutes just before serving your meal.

The shopping list has everything you will need to buy for the 5 days (which could be ordered online if you want to save more time).

The preparation plan is a set of steps for you to follow on prep day (the day before Day 1). Think of it like one big recipe to nailing your week! You will need 1–2hrs of prep time, depending on the number of people in your family. Some recipes will be completely cooked, ready to heat and eat. Others will be kept fresh and prepared to a point where you’ll just need 10 minutes to bring it all together before mealtime.

The steps required to serve the meal differ depending on the meal, but they are all quick and simple.

For example:

1.   Heat a fry pan over medium heat and cook the prepared meat, rest when cooked
2.   Take the fresh salad out of the fridge
3.   Serve the cooked meat over the salad and drizzle with prepared dressing

You can choose which day of the week suits you best to do your preparation. As our menus are designed with food safety in mind, we strongly recommend Day 1 of your menu is the first day after prep day. I.e. if you prep on Sunday, Day 1 of your menu will be Monday. If you wait, you could be jeopardising the freshness, quality and safety of your food.

Our menus are a VERY well-oiled machine. They are extremely thought out and purposefully created to make life easier (and healthier) for you. Here are the key benefits of EN:

Reduced food wastage. Buy only what you need and use all of what you’ve got. You won’t be left with half-filled tins, packets of perishable foods, or half-used vegetables that sit in your crisper until forgotten. You don’t need to think about it – we’ve taken care of it all. We aim to significantly reduce domestic food wastage by ensuring our menus are complete for the week and use up all the food you buy.

Save you money. EN will save you money. We equip you to shop with purpose and without waste. Every weekly menu includes a deliberate mix of budget-friendly and fancy foods to keep you satisfied without exceeding your spend allocation.

Give you back time. If you spend approximately 1.5–2hrs on meal prep one day a week, you’ll save anywhere from 4-8hrs during the week (to spend anywhere but your kitchen). For some, that could be almost a whole working day! And that’s just cooking time – you may also gain time from avoiding mid-week shopping and worrying about what to make for dinner, and snacks….everyday!

Less stress. Imagine always having an answer to the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” Not only will you now know the answer, you won’t need to waste any energy or time deciding what to cook. You can relax knowing you have already prepared delicious, budget-conscious, family friendly, seasonal food that your family will love!

Better nutrition for you and your family. Our menus are written by nutritionists… with kids! We have battled our way with fussy eaters and struggled to find the line between ‘just eat something’ and ‘nothing but goodness’. We have tried and tested hundreds of recipes (thousands even). And we’ve compiled only the ones that get two thumbs up!

We are also professional sneak-it-in-ers, so all of our recipes have a hidden agenda when it comes to boosting your nutrition. We want to improve the health of your whole family: mum, dad, and kids. EN will help you do better with eating better…without you even having to try!

Food choice freedom. We have deliberately left out weekends from the menus to create some space for you to make your own food choices each week. This is a time for you to satisfy any cravings you may have, enjoy a meal out or a takeaway meal in, or cook one of your favourite recipes.

Our research suggests that weekend meals are typically where people come unstuck when following a meal plan. During the weekends people feel most uncomfortable with restrictions. So, we have removed these from our menus. At this stage we have also removed breakfast and lunch from our menus, if you would prefer to have breakfasts, lunches and/or weekends included in your EN menu, please email us at help@efficientlynutritious.com.au. Our goal is to help you, so we’d love to know how we can best do that.

EN is designed for this to happen, so it’s OK! We use fresher foods (pre-made salads, cut vegetables, etc) earlier in the week, with heat and eat meals or similar later in the week. This allows the menu to easily adjust to slight alterations when required. When it comes to food use-by dates, we ride on the cautious side and always use the food well before it needs to be, or we will store it accordingly.

For example, if we have a chicken dish that won’t be made until later in the week, we always recommend that you freeze the chicken until that day. For this reason, you can easily push back a meal if something pops up midweek. And the good news is, you will then have an EN meal ready for the weekend.

Our nutrition philosophy is balanced, simple and achievable. EN isn’t a diet. We don’t eliminate foods, and we don’t focus exclusively on certain food groups. EN is a well-rounded meal plan that takes familiar, everyday meals and flavours, and boosts their taste and nutritional value. Check out our food philosophy page for more of an insight.

We believe that good nutrition shouldn’t be hard work. Our subscribers not only eat better, but enjoy a wide range of health benefits from EN, such as more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, and less bloating. The health benefits of better nutrition are limitless. To see examples of our meals, check out our Instagram feed.

We currently provide a general menu. We are working on formulating menus that incorporate vegetarian and allergies. If you would benefit from this, please email us at help@efficientlynutritious.com.au.

The cook time varies for each household depending on the number of people, but we work on an average of 1–2hrs. Each step within the plan has a time allocation. It’s generous and aims to reduce stress and keep the process efficient.

If there are any important steps you need to take during the week, these will be in your preparation plan. We will suggest that you add a reminder into your phone or another device to ensure you remember.

No. We aim to include 1 reheat and eat meal in every weekly menu. The majority of the meals have elements that are made in advance and then served with fresh ingredients

All EN recipes are created in an everyday kitchen. This means things like an oven, a microwave, some baking trays, saucepans, frypans, muffin, loaf tray, a blender, strainer, and mixing bowls all feature regularly in the preparation plans. In striving for minimal waste, we like to store our prepared foods in containers. We understand the outlay for stocking up your container collection can be too much for some, so we recommend adding a little at a time.

EN isn’t about preparing all meals for the week and then storing them in separate containers. It’s about getting yourself prepared to be able to sit down to a delicious, home cooked meal with your family every weeknight, just 10 minutes after you walk in the door.

If you are having an odd week where EN won’t work for you, or you are going on holidays, please send us an email at help@efficientlynutritious.com.au and we will freeze your subscription without question. If you are not satisfied with EN and wish to cancel your subscription, send us an email and we will cancel it immediately.

Like starting any new program, EN will become easier (and you will become more efficient) after a couple of weeks of practice. For most, this is a new way of operating, so allow yourself an adjustment period. Because you have been doing it all for so long, it may take time to let go and find new things to do with all your free time! If you are finding it hard to adjust after a couple of weeks, please reach out to us. We are here to help you.