It’s efficient, it’s nutritious and most of all, it’s delicious!


Eating well,
made simple.

We all want to eat healthy. But with so many conflicting messages out there, it can be pretty difficult to know what to eat. If you add this to the relentless pace at which we’re living, it’s easy to understand why people charge the take-away outlets or the frozen pies and pizza isles at the supermarket.

Efficiently Nutritious can change that. We’ve done all the thinking and planning for you so that with just a little bit of prep on a Sunday, you’ll serve up healthy snacks and meals quicker than you can defrost those MSG–loaded nuggets during the week.

About Alicia

About Alicia

Created by a nutritionist, inspired by a mum

Alicia is nuts about food and cooking. But it wasn’t her 8–years of writing and analysing hundreds of recipes that inspired her to start Efficiently Nutritious. It was her more important job as a mum that made her realise how crucial it is to plan ahead if you want to juggle a busy lifestyle while putting her family’s health first.

This is how she developed an effective system that gave her family what they needed and her what she wanted: more time with the people she loved. It’s time–efficient, cost–efficient, optimally nutritious and above all, the kids are licking their plates.

About Olivia

About Olivia

We love playing with food

It takes hours of testing, tasting, trying and onion-crying to perfect a recipe. And that’s exactly what Olivia does. As a recipe developer, she faces the kitchen trials and errors so that you don’t have to, and she loves every second of it. All her creations are tested by a panel of four very tough little food critics: her own children.

With her business background, Olivia brings a professional business experience to the Efficiently Nutritious table.

Together with Alicia, they’ve been creating and exchanging recipes for almost 18 years and they know how to make a smoother, healthier, yummier household achievable for everyone.

Our food philosophy

Food should be delicious. Food should be healthy. Food should be fret–free. Food should bring us together. To achieve this, we’ve incorporated the following values into our menu.

  • Variety is the spice of life
    Variety is the spice of life

    We mix things up with foods from all five food groups and include a variety of colours and textures in our meal plans.

  • Whole foods
    Whole foods

    We believe in minimal processing for maximised nutrition.

  • Balance

    Everyone deserves the occasional treat. Just make sure you enjoy your core food first and incorporate 30 minutes of planned exercise a day.

  • Portions

    We’ll make sure you enjoy appropriate portion sizes.

  • Feast together
    Feast together

    Research has shown that food actually tastes better when you enjoy it with others. Sit down and share food moments with your family and friends.

  • Practice mindful eating
    Practice mindful eating

    Listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry. Take time out to eat – sit down and experience the moment.